Sometimes, a blood test or a physical examination doesn’t tell the whole story about your health problems. Citizens Medical Center uses the latest in diagnostic imaging technology to help physicians identify and diagnose patient health concerns.

From x-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds and PET scans to other diagnostic services, our caring and qualified team of experts help you get the accurate and timely results you need to address your health concerns.


We offer the following imaging services:

PET-CT Request Form

X-ray/Fluoroscopy/Radiographic studies

PET scans (mobile service available on Tuesdays each week)


Nuclear medicine (Monday-Friday)


MRI scans (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

CT scans

CT Coronary Calcium Score

Bone Densitometry (DEXA)

Cardiac Nuclear Stress Testing

What You Need to Know

When you arrive for a diagnostic imaging study or test, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Check in at the Admissions department 15 minutes prior to your appointment
  • Remove all metal (jewelry, etc.) prior to your diagnostic exam
  • Insurance doesn’t always pay for diagnostic imaging. Check with your insurance company, if necessary.

Contact Us

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Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am – 4 pm