Medical Services:

We form a partnership with your medical provider to provide you with excellent medical care that is sensitive to any changes in your medical status. We can also help you arrange care with or transfer care to other medical professionals. You will have access to Citizens Medical Center, Family Center for Health Care, General Surgery, and the Specialty Clinic to ensure that you receive care that best serves your overall health.

Dental Services:

Oral healthcare is an integral component of a person’s overall health. The need for dental care does not end once a person becomes aged or develops a chronic or terminal illness. Poor oral health places a person at a higher risk for medical problems and can decrease their quality of life. As part of your Care Management Plan you will receive dental examinations and consultations to ensure that this care is provided.

Nursing Services:

Nursing care is provided by certified and licensed nursing professionals who are available at all times to provide the care you need while allowing you to live the life you want. They are able to work with you and your medical provider to make sure that your care management plan is continually providing the care and services you need.

Care Management:

Care management planning helps residents take control of their health and wellness decisions. The focus is on creating and updating a personalized care plan that maximizes your overall health. Your particular needs influence the scope of these services; the process typically includes: conducting an initial assessment, developing a Care Management Plan, arranging services, and continued assessment and monitoring.

Therapy and Rehabilitation:

The therapy and rehabilitation services provided consist of certified and licensed professionals in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy whose goal is to maintain or improve your independence and quality of life.

Physical Therapy: Balance, Walking, Strengthening, Pain Management, and Exercise Program Development.

Occupational Therapy: Daily activities, adaptation recommendations, and guidance for family members.

Speech Therapy: Word-finding skills, voice quality and loudness, safe swallowing, and memory enhancement.


Registered and Licensed Dieticians help you by performing nutritional assessments and assist you with meal planning to help maintain or improve your overall health.

Emotional Support:

We have social workers available to assist you with any difficulties you may encounter.


We have vans and buses that allow you to continue those activities that help you lead an enjoyable life. We can provide transportation to social occasions, libraries, museums, restaurants, or any other activity you enjoy. We schedule group trips as part of our activity program and seek to involve everyone. We also recognize that medical appointments are necessary and can provide transportation to those appointments as well. We do have the capability of providing health care assistance to you while you are traveling. Please speak with us about our transportation services.


Fitness programs can have a beneficial effect on your overall health.  This can help you lead a more enjoyable life, promote independence, and reduce stress. Please talk to us about what you can do to promote your own personal fitness.

Contact Us:

We pride ourselves on providing an environment that demonstrates our desire to provide a caring and dignified living environment for you. Please contact us at (785) 462-8295.

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