Payments and Billing

Family Center for Health Care is committed to providing convenient billing services by participating with all major insurance networks.

Please take note of the following guidelines to ensure a smooth and carefree visit:

Bring a copy of your insurance card to each appointment so we can keep your information up to date.

We will file a claim with your insurance company on your behalf.

If your insurance plan requires a co-payment, it will be due at the time of your service.

After your insurance company has processed your claim and remitted payment, any remaining account balance is your responsibility and will be billed to you accordingly.

Major Insurance Networks or Repricing Companies

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Medicare/Railroad Medicare


Health Partners of KS/HPK

Preferred Health Systems








American Healthcare Alliance

United Healthcare

If you do not see your company or network on the list, please contact us to see if we participate with your insurance company. Many insurance plans use the networks listed above to process their claims.


Looking for more? See additional information below regarding insurance referrals, compensation and claims, payment policies and options, and more.

Payment Policies


Family Center for Health Care account statements are generated monthly. If you did not pay at the time of your care, payment is expected within 20 days of the statement date. Once an office visit is paid in full, that particular visit will no longer show up on the statement. This could cause your latest payment to not be listed on the statement. Office visits that are still pending insurance company payment remittance will show up on your statement. If you have any questions regarding your statement, please contact our billing department at (785) 462-6184 or contact the person listed below and they can assist you.

Co-Payment Policy


Many medical insurance companies require a co-payment for doctor’s office visits. In order to meet the requirements of our insurance contracts and keep our insurance processing costs down, Family Center for Health Care requires all co-payments to be paid at the time of service. We ask that patients be prepared to pay their co-pays as they check-in for their appointments.

Self-Pay Policy


We request all self-pay patients to pay for each office visit in full at the time of service. If you are unable to pay for the visit in full, a $50 minimum payment is required at the time of service to be applied to that visit. You will also be required to complete a Payment Arrangement form and commit to regular monthly payments based on the total account balance. The $50 payment at the time of service is notconsidered part of your first month’s payment. Self-pay patients who are uninsured will receive a 20 percent discount on all services performed. This excludes services which include, but are not limited to, aesthetic or cosmetic medicine and elective procedures. We can help you determine which services are eligible for the Self-Pay discount.

Payment Options


Our team at Family Center for Health Care knows your life is busy! Did you know that we offer a number of ways to pay your bill that can help you with your hectic lifestyle? Aside from the traditional bill payment options of mailing your payment to us or stopping by the office to pay on your account, we have some other options that might be more convenient. These include:

  • Authorize a one-time withdrawal from a bank account (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Authorize automatic recurring withdrawals from your bank account
  • Pay online by clicking here
  • Make a debit or credit card payment over the phone
  • If you wish you may continue to pay in person or mail your monthly payment to the office

In addition to these payment options, we have several financial assistance programs available. Please call Shasti at (785) 460-1777 to learn more about financial assistance.

Payment Arrangements


We are willing to work with patients who need help in meeting their financial obligations to the clinic. If you are unable to pay your balance in full, please contact our billing department immediately to establish a Payment Arrangement. We require regular, monthly payments to keep accounts current. This avoids collections action being taken on your account.

We require patients to make minimum monthly payments based on their account balances. The minimum monthly payment requirements are as follows:

  • $50 and below – Full amount Due
  • $51-249 – Due in 3 months
  • $250-$500 – Due in 6 months
  • $501-$750 – Due in 9 months
  • $750-$1000 – Due in 12 months
  • $1001+ – Due in 16 months. Must visit with Patient Financial Advisor


Financial Probation


An account is placed on Financial Probation as the result of non-payment on the account and/or turning the account over to collections. This status requires the patient to make a payment at check-in. The payment required is based upon the patient’s charge per visit history. Most often, this status requires a $65 minimum payment to be collected at the time of service. If your account is turned over a second time, a $75 minimum payment will be collected at the time of service. After being seen the patient must stop at the discharge desk to review the charges for the visit. If there is an amount due in excess of the payment made at check-in, that amount is also due. If there is a credit, that amount is applied to the collections accounts.

Failure to comply with the Financial Probation status will result in the patient being immediately dismissed as a patient from the clinic. It may also affect their immediate family members if they are the guarantor for those accounts as well.

Patients are removed from Financial Probation once all collections accounts are paid in full and one year of good credit history is demonstrated with our clinic.

Once a responsible party has gone to collection three times, he or she will be dismissed as a patient from Family Center for Health Care.

We understand the complexities of today’s financial obligations and will work with individuals as they fulfill their financial responsibility to the clinic.

Questions about your account balance or need to set up payment arrangements?

Questions about your insurance or insurance claims?

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