Paying for Care

Prairie Senior Living Complex accepts payment through private funds, private insurance, or Medicaid. You pay for the type of room you choose and the level of care you or your loved one require. The level of care required is determined through an assessment process that measures your level of health today and may change as your health changes.

We understand the financial stress and potential hardship that paying for care can cause a family. Our Social Services designee, social workers, and business office staff are here to assist you in preparing for, understanding, and receiving any available assistance to help in this area. We are here to assist you at any time during this process. Medicaid, a state administered program, is available to assist with the cost of health care services for those with limited financial resources. Our Social Service designee can provide you with information and assist you in the application process, please contact them at (785) 462-8295.

If your Medicaid application is approved you may remain partially responsible for the cost of your care. This portion is frequently referred to as “share of cost”, “resident liability”, “applied income”, or “private portion”. This amount is determined by your ability to pay and is normally billed as a flat monthly rate. Non-covered items such as over-the-counter medications, salon services, or personal convenience items are billed separately from costs of your care. We encourage you to speak with us about the financial aspect of your care.

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We pride ourselves on providing an environment that demonstrates our desire to provide a caring and dignified living environment for you. Please contact us at (785) 462-8295.

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