Board of Directors

Sean Hankin, Chair
Pat Mallory, Vice Chair
Lana Johnson, Secretary
J.L Evans, Treasurer
Mandy McGreer
Randy Wilson
Shawna Kersenbrock


Citizens Foundation’s mission is “to nurture relationships that enhance community and philanthropic support to advance CMCI’s ability to provide quality health care.” 


The vision for the Foundation is to be known and respected for:

  • Helping CMCI be an institution that is recognized for providing exemplary healthcare.
  • Continuously building the Foundation’s endowment to a level that exceeds that of health care foundations of our size and character.
  • Engaging in capital campaigns to address current and future needs of CMCI.
  • Being a dynamic and diversified Foundation of which it is a privilege to serve and is rewarding to its members.
  • Being an ambassador of CMCI so that the Foundation becomes the beneficiary of choice.


Citizens Foundation’s activities and decisions are based on the following core values:

  • Ambassadors: Being ambassadors for CMCI and the community.
  • Stewardship: Being good stewards of the assets entrusted to us and honoring the desires and values of all donors.
  • Integrity: Doing what is right, not what is easy.
  • Compassion: Supporting CMCI in providing compassionate care that promotes dignity and well-being.
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Citizens Foundation
100 E. College Drive
Colby, KS 67701
(785) 460-1214
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