Citizens Foundation is the fundraising arm of Citizens Medical Center, Inc. (CMCI) and is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our mission is “to nurture relationships that enhance community and philanthropic support to advance CMCI’s ability to provide quality health care.” Health care touches everyone and that is why we need your help. Everybody needs access to high quality health care. Health care improves the quality of life for each individual we can help as a result of your gift. Individuals can make a difference when it comes to supporting our mission. No matter what day you choose to step into Citizens Medical Center, you will understand that all we do is made possible by your decision to support our mission.

We promote quality health care that improves the quality of life and peace of mind for those who call this region home. Our health care system and communities are strong because of the strength of our citizens and their vision for tomorrow. A health care system that is strong makes our community stronger and more prosperous. Please help us provide for the health and well being of our collective families, friends, and neighbors for the many years to come.

Contact us today and you can help us support this great mission with your charitable gift.

Thank you for making a gift to the Citizens Foundation.

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Citizens Foundation
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100 E. College Drive
Colby, KS 67701
(785) 460-1214
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