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Pertussis (Whooping Cough):

We have had positive cases of pertussis, also called Whooping Cough, in our facility. Proper protocol has been followed and coordination has been established with the Health Department to ensure the safety of our community. The staff at CMC has done an excellent job following precautions in order to limit any further exposure to our associates and other patients.

If you feel you or a family member is at risk, we encourage you to contact the Thomas County Health Department or your primary care provider. The spread of pertussis is preventable by immunization. Please contact your primary care provider to make sure you and your families are current on their immunizations. 

Ebola Information:  

We continue to develop systems to detect patients at risk for Ebola, so that we can safely care for our community and protect our healthcare workers. We are involved in continuous monitoring to evaluate our level of preparedness and response efforts.


2015 Thomas County Community Health Needs Assessment Report

Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Plan 2012-2015



We are a team of health care professionals leading the region by providing superior health care services and exceptional customer care.


We strive to be the most progressive, dependable, knowledgeable regional medical center providing compassionate, evidence-based care, in a cost effective manner; therefore, becoming the provider and employer of choice.





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Citizens Foundation:  Donations used to improve health care

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July 15, 2013

General surgery comes to CMCI 

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Hansen Grant
January 15, 2013

Citizens Medical Center in Colby has been awarded $157,000 from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation for the purchase of general surgical equipment. As the organization has recruited new physicians and a general surgeon to arrive this summer, the organization is enhancing its current surgical suites...