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Welcome to Rejuvenation Aesthetics at Family Center for Health Care! We offer cosmetic and Intense Pulsed Light IPL (IPL) services to help you look your best and boost confidence. Specializing in:

Our dedicated professionals look forward to working with you to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Cosmetic Procedure Pricing

Rejuvenation Aesthetics wants to provide you with an exceptional experience in  advanced cosmetic needs. Call our office at 785-462-6184 to schedule a consultation or appointment. All consults will be charged a $50 fee due at the time of visit. This fee will be applied as a credit to your account and will be deducted from procedure cost at the time services are completed.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment Menu

Enjoy 10% off a Pkg of 3 or 15% off a Pkg of 6

Photo Rejuvenation (“photo-facial”)

Face -  Single: $200

Pkg/3: $540 (save $60)          Pkg/6: $1020 (save $180)

Neck -  Single: $175

Pkg/3: $475(save $50)           Pkg/6: $895 (save $155)

Chest -  Single: $200

Pkg/3: $540 (save $60)          Pkg/6: $1020 (save $180)

All Three-  Single: $475

Pkg/3: $1280 (save $145)      Pkg/6: $2420 (save $430)

Hands -  Single: $125

Pkg/3: $335 (save $40)           Pkg/6: $635 (save $115)

Lower Arms-  Single: $195

Pkg/3: $525 (save $60)           Pkg/6: $995 (save $175)

Spot Treatments -  $60 per spot/ $80 for larger areas

Vein Treatment

Face -  $95 per 0-15 minute sessions (max 30min./session - may require 3 or more sessions)

Legs -  $125 per 15-30 minute sessions (max 30min./session - may require 3 or more sessions)

Spider Veins -  $95 per 15 minute session

Blue Light Acne Treatment

Face - Single: $195                 Pkg/6: $995(save $175)

Neck - Single: $125                Pkg/6: $635 (save $115)

Under Arms - Single: $150  Pkg/6: $765 (save $135)

Back - Single: $195                 Pkg/6: $995 (save $175)

Hair Removal

Face - Single: $140                   Pkg/6: $715 (save $125)

Neck - Single: $100                  Pkg/6: $510 (save $90)

Under Arms -  Single: $140   Pkg/6: $715 (save $125)

Bikini - Single: $200                 Pkg/6: $1020 (save $180)

Hands - Single: $100               Pkg/6: $510 (save $90)

Arms - Single: $230                 Pkg/6: $1175 (save $205)

Full Legs - Single: $430           Pkg/6: $2190 (save $390)

Lower Legs -  Single: $230     Pkg/6: $1175 (save $205)

Spot Treatment - $60

Upper Lip - $60

Chin - $60    Chin/Upper Lip Combo - $110                        


$13 per unit

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Technology

Maybe you’ve been thinking of how to improve your appearance… Or maybe you’ve been driving for hours to get professional, medically supervised aesthetic skincare, and you really just want to find a medical spa that can fit you, and your schedule. With the power of SmoothCool, now available at our Medical Spa in Colby we are just what you’ve been waiting for!

What is SmoothCool IPL?

The SmoothCool IPL is a breakthrough Intense Pulsed Light platform with automatic skin cooling technology that’s changing the way clients approach being more beautiful. 

SmoothCool is a sophisticated, elegant light based technology for the treatment of of unwanted hair, acne & acne scarring, freckles, sun damage, age spots, liver spots, flushing, rosacea, melasma and visible facial blood vessels.

Using intense pulses of light emitted in various colors, the SmoothCool IPL technology is an ideal blend of functionality and efficiency.  Take a look at how SmoothCool can kick start your skin:

¨ SmoothCool’s IPL energy penetrates both the superficial and deeper layers of your skin to reduce imperfections, and boost collagen levels. It’s a powerful beauty booster that helps the skin to improve its elasticity, leading to a tighter, smoother and more youthful appearance.

¨ We can also remove that pesky unwanted hair safely and painlessly! In just a few sessions you’ll begin to see results that will make you wish you’d done it years ago!

¨ SmoothCool is fabulous for improving the tone and texture of your face, neck & chest, and for hair   removal on your arms, legs, armpits, bikini area, and jawline.


Proven, Simple, Effective

BOTOX Cosmetic is the only FDA approved  treatment for the temporary reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ten minutes – a few tiny injections – and within days there’s a noticeable improvement. Results last up to 3-6 months.  Individual results may vary.


· BOTOX® reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

· BOTOX® takes only a few minutes and lasts 3-6 months or more.

· A few small injections into the problem areas cause the muscles to relax.

· Medication is in the treated muscles only and gradually disappears over 3-6 months.

· With regular treatment, lines become more relaxed and treatment lasts longer.

· Effective, safe, and FDA approved.

· We customize the dilution of the BOTOX® to the patient's individual needs.

· We generally use the strongest FDA-recommended dosage per area (4u/0.1 ml). Patients prefer this as it allows for fewer needle pricks, better results - especially in the glabellar (between the eyes) area, and it lasts longer.

Meet Our Team of Professionals

Our providers work closely with you to build a rapport developed through open, honest communication and trust.

Their goal is to provide you the right path to the very best possible result for every patient, that ensures a positive, mutually rewarding experience.



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