Health Information

Health Information Management (H.I.M.), formerly Medical Records, is responsible for organizing and managing your health information to ensure its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security whether in paper or electronic format.  To speak with us about your health information please call us at (785) 460-4851.  We are located in the Citizens Medical Center Annex Building. 

Release of Records:

With the passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, the regulations protecting your privacy were strengthened and expanded.  As a covered entity, we may disclose your health information without your authorization in the minimum amount necessary, only to enable treatment, payment, and health care operations.  A release of information is not required to provide your medical records to your doctor; this facilitates continuity of care and allows for your continued treatment. 

The patient's express authorization is required before the medical records can be released to the following parties: patient's attorney or insurance company; patient's employer, unless a worker's compensation claim is involved; member of the patient's family, except where the family member has been appointed the patient's attorney under a durable power of attorney for health care; government agencies; and other third parties. 

To release your medical records we require you to complete an Authorization for Release of Health Information form and present your photo identification. 

Signature requirements are:

  • Spouses may not sign for each other.
  • Parents may sign for their children under 18 years old.
  • Age of majority is 18 years old or if emancipated.

Birth Certificates:

The Health Information Management (H.I.M.) department is responsible for submitting information to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Office of Vital Statistics on births. 

  • We recommend you begin providing information to H.I.M. prior to the birth of your child.
    • Two to four weeks prior to the birth of your child is sufficient.  
  • The birth certificate will be completed on the Obstetrics unit when your child (ren) is/are born.
  • You can obtain a certified copy of the birth certificate by contacting the Office of Vital Statistics at
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