Food & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition Services provides an important benefit to you: the proper nutrition that enables you to recover from illness and surgery.  We want to provide you with the best nutritional care available.  Proper nutrition improves your body’s ability to perform at an optimal level.  This can impact all aspects of your health including: your immune system’s ability to prevent or fight infection, your heart’s ability to pump blood, and how well you heal.  Our Registered and Licensed Dieticians make sure you receive high quality nutritional care while you are here.  We have Registered and Licensed Dieticians who are certified in Adult Weight Management and Diabetes Education.  The Food and Nutrition staff makes sure you receive meals that reflect your food preferences while also being nutritious.  

Inpatient Services:

Good nutrition improves your recovery from illness or surgery.  We work with the other members of your health care team by providing nutritional assessments and recommendations designed to improve your health.  Our services include:

  • Nutritional assessments that identify nutritional problems that risk slowing your recovery or could improve the ability to care for your health problems.
  • Provide nutritional recommendations to you and your health care team.
  • Provide nutritional monitoring services.
  • Provide nutritional education allowing you to better manage your acute or chronic illness.  

If you think you would benefit from our assistance please ask to speak with us. 

Outpatient Services:

Maintaining good nutrition is an everyday challenge.  The obesity rate in the United States becomes more concerning every day.  We can assist you by providing information and education to enable you to live a healthy, nutritious, and satisfying life.  We can assess your specific nutritional needs and help you eat healthy.  Some people who receive our assistance require it to determine their daily caloric intake, food choices, manage food allergies, disease, surgery, or wound care. 

This assistance can be provided through:

  • Nutritional Consultations requested by your medical provider.
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshops.

CMCI Cafeteria:

Our Cafeteria serves meals daily to our patients, visitors, and staff.  We seek to provide nutritious and appealing meals as part of our service to you.  Our menu seeks to offer you choices but is focused on healthy eating.  We have something available when you want it. 

Speaking Opportunities:

Our Registered and Licensed Dieticians are always available to schedule speaking engagements related to nutrition with the goal of educating interested groups and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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