Citizens Foundation’s mission is “to nurture relationships that enhance community and philanthropic support to advance CMCI’s ability to provide quality health care.” 

Citizens Foundation is the endowment and fundraising entity for Citizens Medical Center, Inc.

We can, in cooperation with your legal and tax professionals, design a charitable giving plan to accomplish your goals. 

Citizens Foundation and Citizens Medical Center, Inc. are not-for-profit 501 (C) (3) charities. 

Facts about CMCI:

Citizens Medical Center, Inc. is locally owned and operated.

Citizens Medical Center, Inc. is not a tax supported entity and does not receive any tax dollars from area residents.

Citizens Medical Center, Inc. is the largest health care organization in northwest Kansas.

Citizens Medical Center, Inc. is composed of four (4) entities: Citizens Medical Center, Family Center for Health Care, Prairie Senior Living Complex, and Citizens Foundation.

These entities employ approximately 270 area residents.

We provide approximately $1.5 million in care each year to people who need financial assistance.

The endowment fund’s administration is overseen by a 7 member Board of Directors.  Citizens Medical Center, Inc.’s administration is overseen by a separate Board of Trustees.

Contact Us:
Citizens Foundation
100 E. College Drive
Colby, KS 67701
(785) 460-1214