Visit Schedule

Your obstetrical visits will typically begin with your first missed period or with a positive home pregnancy test. 

First Visit (suspected pregnancy):

This visit will confirm your pregnancy and calculate your approximate due date.  Your next visit will be set up.

Initial Obstetrics visit:

This visit will be with a Nurse Practitioner and can be expected to last 1 hour or longer.  Lab work will be performed and an ultrasound to coincide when you are approximately 9 to 12 weeks pregnant will be scheduled.  You will also receive information about nutrition, exercise, and pregnancy.  A medical and physical exam will be performed as part of this visit.  Financial services staff will discuss the financial aspects of care with you. 

Second Obstetrics visit:

Your second obstetrical visit will coincide with weeks 11 to 13 of your pregnancy.  You will see your doctor to review your laboratory tests, discuss any prenatal testing, and have a physical exam.

Subsequent visits:

You will visit your doctor monthly as your pregnancy progresses. 

32 weeks:

You will see a Nurse Practitioner to prepare paperwork for delivery, discuss car seat use and the required inspection, and the signs and symptoms of labor.  You can also tour the Obstetrics department at Citizens Medical Center, Inc. 

36 weeks:

You will see your doctor weekly and as needed until your delivery. 

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