Treatment Information

Laboratory results

The majority of your laboratory tests are performed at Citizens Medical Center, Inc. and returned to your medical provider within 24 hours.  If an outside laboratory is used to process your laboratory tests then the return of your results can take 2-4 days.  Cultures require a minimum of 48 hours for the results to return.  Lead and other tests that require testing by the State of Kansas may take up to one month to be returned. 

When returned, the results are reviewed by your medical provider.  The medical provider will then request that the nurse notify you of the results by phone or letter or request that you schedule an appointment to review the results.

Prescription Refills

Please call your pharmacy and request that they send a refill request to your medical provider at Family Center for Health Care.  Your prescriptions are refilled electronically through our medical record system.  Please allow 1 full working day for your request to be filled.

Prescription refills for controlled substances require that you pick up the prescription at Family Center for Health Care during office hours.  Patients are required to see their regular provider every 3 months to continue receiving controlled substance prescription refills.  We encourage patients to schedule their next appointment as they leave from their current appointment to ensure that they have an appointment prior to requiring their next prescription refill.

Diagnostic test results

Radiology services performed at Citizens Medical Center, Inc. and of a routine nature are interpreted and returned to your medical provider within 48 hours.  Radiology services performed on an emergent basis will be immediately interpreted by the radiologist and the results will be called to your medical provider.


The Specialty Clinic at Citizens Medical Center, Inc. brings medical specialists here that would typically require you to travel to a large metropolitan medical center. You can see medical specialists from across the region in the Specialty Clinic.  This reduces the time that is typically required before you can see a specialist due to access problems and does not require you to travel long distances to see them.  Our medical providers can also refer you to other medical specialists if required or desired. 


We welcome your questions and you can reach any nurse or provider by calling (785) 462-6184.  We can also receive your questions by completing the Contact a Nurse form on our website.  If you have to leave a message, voice mails are typically returned the same day unless the nurse and provider are out of the office.

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