General Surgery comes to CMCI

General surgery comes to CMCI 

Citizens Medical Center is adding full-time General Surgery to its line of services. This, in part, is another reason why the Colby hospital must expand. The hospital currently has two surgical suites that will need to be upgraded to accommodate this whole new line of surgical services. The purchase of surgery equipment is estimated to be $500,000 alone.

“I’m not sure the general public really knows how important adding general surgery on a full-time basis is to our region. Historically, there has been part-time surgery available, but this didn’t help our local public when it came to surgeries that required an overnight stay. Appendectomies are an example. In the past if a patient had a hot appendix they would be shipped to the closest facility that could perform the surgery where the surgeon would be there to follow up the next day with the patient. In case of emergencies, having general surgery full-time will save lives and that pretty much is the bottom line,” said Kile Magner, Surgical Manager, Citizens Medical Center.

General Surgery allows for many additional services that will be performed in Colby such as major surgeries, emergency surgeries, on-call trauma coverage, gynecological procedures, biopsies and diagnostics, enhanced OB services, and additional Family Medicine services. General surgeries available include cancer-related surgeries such as mastectomies, bowel resections, lumpectomies, and hysterectomies. Other surgeries will include gall bladder removal, appendectomies, hernia repair, carpal tunnel, emergency diagnostic procedures, and trauma.

“Colby has been recruiting for a full-time surgeon since 1997. The recruitment process has taken a lot of time and money but the wait and investment has been worth it. Dr. Kelly Gabel will return to northwest Kansas and practice in Colby in August of 2013. We have a lot of work to do in the short time between now and August of next year. Building our provider base and maintaining modern facilities have been key to successful recruiting. Having a community the quality of Colby has also been significant to provider recruitment,” said Kevan Trenkle, Chief Executive Officer, Citizens Medical Center, Inc.

During a time when health care suffers in rural America, Citizens Medical Center is pushing forward to not only provide good service and patient care, but to provide for our communities through good business.  “This is a win-win for everyone. Our focus at CMC is always providing quality patient care. In the end that’s all that matters. By adding Dr. Gabel to our community’s family, we can better care for that family,” Magner concluded.